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Membership information

IMACO Membership

IMACO is open to everyone.

IMACO is open to everyone including individuals, institutions and organizations related to mask arts and culture such as country, local government, mask dance groups, mask researchers, mask makers, museums, festival organizers etc.

IMACO will do best to collect world mask arts and culture data via activities with members and helps them exchange each ideas and view on mask arts and culture. Ultimately, IMACO will raise the prestige of mask arts and culture and strengthen human network globally.

Anyone who wishes to become members of IMACO must observe the statue of IMACO (See the statuette) and should send an application form to the secretariat. The application form received by secretariat will be proved and notified the status of membership individually.

Approved members in good standing shall be entitled.
  • To Access to use of data on the website of IMACO
  • To participate in IMACO General Assembly
  • To participate many activities and symposium related to mask arts and culture
  • To receive newsletters and publications
  • To receive a membership card of IMACO
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