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User’s agreement

User’s agreement

| Chapter 1 General Rules |

Article 1 [Purpose]
The "User’s agreement" is aimed at defining terms and procedures for the use of Internet-related services provided by The International Mask Arts & Culture Organization (hereafter referred to as “the organization”), according to the relevant laws such as the Telecommunication Business Act and the Act on the Promotion of the Use of IT Network and on the Protection and Use of Information.

Article 2 [Notice]
1. “User’s agreement” is effective when the “User’s agreement” posted on the initial service screen
2. The organization can modify the terms and conditions, and modified terms and conditions will effective same way as clause 1.

Article 3 [Other Related Laws and Regulations]
Items not stipulated in the User’s agreement and the interpretation manner of the terms are governed by the Basic Telecommunication Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, the Act on the Promotion of the Use of IT Network and on the Protection and Use of Information and other relevant laws and regulations and commercial practice.

| Chapter 2 Service Use Contract |

Article 4 [Definitions of Terms]
Definitions of terms used in the terms and conditions are as follows.
1. Member: Member refers to one who has concluded user contract, and is continuously using services provided by organization
2. User ID: User ID refers to a combination of letters and numbers as chosen by the user and provided by organization for the purpose of identifying the user and helping members to use services
3. Password: Password refers to the combination of letters and numbers selected by members to protect their personal information on the net.
4. Administrator: Administrator refers to person who is selected from the organization for the overall management and smooth running of the service

Article 5 [Conclusion of the Service Use Contract]
1. The organization authorizes the membership when member sincerely fills out an application form provided by organization and applies for a subscription on the use of services
2. The organization may withhold or refuse its acceptance of an application in any of the following cases
① Using false name
② If the applicant poses as another person;
③ If the applicant presents false information
④ If the applicant cannot sign the document due to a violation of the given agreements
⑤ Other Situations where the organization cannot accept the application due to other reasons.

Article 6 [Changes in the Member information]
If there are any changes in items of their personal information mentioned during the application for the membership, he/she shall modify it via online.

| Chapter 3 Use of Service |

Article 7 [Duties of the Organization]
The organization doesn’t disclose and distribute the personal information of members that the organization has received to provide services without their consent to the 3rd parties.
However, it can do this if it follows legal procedures according to laws.

Article 8 [Obligations related to Member ID and Password]
1. Members have to manage their ID and Password strictly. Members are responsible for all consequences due to their negligent management and illicit use of their Member ID and Password and the organization is responsible for issues caused by problems related to it such as dysfunction of the system.
2. If members discover the member ID password is being used fraudulently, members must immediately notify the organization.

Article 9 [Obligation of Members]
1. The member shall not do the following acts while using the services.
① Using other member’s ID and password illegally
② Acts of copying, distributing or commercially using the information received during the use of the organization’s service without the organization’s prior consent
③ Acts of violating rights including the copyrights of the organization and the 3rd parties
④ Acts of distributing information, sentences, characters and voice files against public order and morals to others
⑤ Act of judged as criminal
⑥ Acts of harming others’ reputation or giving others disadvantages
⑦ Other illegal and unjustifiable acts
2. The member should abide by the terms and conditions, other rules and regulations, public notifications by the organization and related laws
3. Members cannot operate business activities using the service without the prior consent of the organization, and the organization does not take any responsibilities for the results arising from its business activities.

Article 10 [Copyrights of Posts]
1. Copyrights of the posts put up by members on the site belong to them
2. However, copyrights of member’s ideas, articles, photographs etc. submitted through the service are attributed to the organization.

Article 11 [Service Time]
1. In principle, the service of the site can be used for 24 hours every day unless there are problems of the job of the organization or technical errors. The organization can limit or stop providing all or some of the services.
2. The organization can divided into a certain range of the services and decide the service time in each range separately.

Article 12 [Stop providing services]
1. The organization can limit or stop providing all or some of the services.
① When the repair work is necessary for the service
② When there are incidents such as maintenance, replacement, dysfunction or disconnection of the telecommunication equipment such as computers
2. The organization can limit or stop providing all or some of the services when it is impossible to use normal services due to reasons such as blackouts and dysfunction or massive use of the equipment

| Chapter 4 Withdrawal of membership and service use restriction |

Article 13 [Withdrawal of membership and service use restriction]
1. Members can ask withdrawal from the membership through the homepage of the organization
2. In the following cases, the organization can restrict or suspend membership without notice
① Use other member’s ID and password illegally
② If the member purposely interferes with the service
③ Using false name
④ An offense against public moral
⑤ Baseless slander
⑥ Harming others
⑦ Breaking federal laws or the website’s regulations
3. Links to Internet sites of the organization are begin after the notification of information for the services administrator to site, that is, site address and the administrator’s E-mail, phone numbers, names, link start date.

| Chapter 5 Compensation for Damage etc. |

Article 14 [Compensation for Damage]
The organization bears no responsibility for any damage to members or users in relation to the use of services

Article 15 [Exemption clause]
1. The organization is exempt from the responsibilities to provide services if it can’t do it due to natural disasters or other uncontrollable events.
2. The organization shall not be liable for the credibility of the information, materials, or facts posted by members on the service website.
3. The organization is exempt from the responsibilities for any damages from using the data from service.
4. The organization is exempt from the responsibilities for any damages from using service of organization.

Article 16 [Competent court]
If the organization is being charged for problems in using its service, a competent court covering the head office will handle the issue.

[Supplementary Rules]
The policy takes effect on the open day of Homepage

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